Clearing the clutter – part 1

One of the reasons I’ve started blogging on the Frugal Hill Way is to hold myself to account and measure my progress as I work towards my goals. One of my ongoing goals is to de-clutter our house, and I want to give an update on how I’m getting on once a month.

I have to put my hands up and say that we have an awful lot of clutter in our house on Frugal Hill. I know all the received wisdom about clutter = debt etc., but it’s one of the goals I’ve found hard to make progress on. I believe that when you want to make changes in life you have to find what works for you. I’m going to be trying some new ways to remove the clutter from my life and keep it our permanently.

We do have a problem with hanging on to too much stuff for too long. A couple of weeks ago, the Other Half took two televisions, three computer monitors and two computer cases to the household waste recycling centre. We had put the monitors and computers in the loft ‘in case they might come in handy’. They never did, and years down the road, we finally let them go for recycling. This has made me realise that we need to be careful about putting things in the loft – they get forgotten.

We also lose things a lot, often when we have tidied up and forgotten where we have put things. To get round this I’ve had the idea of cataloguing our possessions. I bought a project book divided into different sections and I’m using one section for each area of the house. The plan is to work through each part of the house, de-cluttering as I go and then have a reference book which tells me where everything is.

The House Catalogue

Finally for today, I’m going back to something that worked for me but which I have let slip over the last few months. I work full time meaning there’s limited time to fit everything else in. In the spring I spent 30 minutes a day de-cluttering our bedroom – I found this easy enough to fit in. Having less stuff has made it easier to keep things tidy in the bedroom, and perhaps more importantly I’m not losing stuff and then wasting money buying duplicates. (We once found 8 pairs of nail scissors in my younger daughter’s bedroom).  Now all I have to do is apply the same principles to the rest of the house.

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