A record week for fuel non consumption

We’ve been trying to use the car less since the beginning of the year to try and save money.  We were filling the car twice a month, at £65 – £70 per tank.  Two things have now cut that to about one tank per month.  First, the Other Half began working from home instead of travelling 30 miles a day.  When he began working from home, I initially used the car for work until last winter.  When it snowed heavily, there was no way I could take the car down Frugal Hill.  I had to walk to work, and I realised that if I could wade into work in the snow and ice, I could probably manage to walk the whole year round.  It’s only 2 miles, so I’ve just carried on walking to work most of the time, catching the train home at 60p a time.

We’ve also become more careful with journey planning, combining journeys wherever possible.  The car can now stay in the garage now for 2 or 3 days at a time.

I’ve just put the car away and noted our fuel consumption for the week.  I filled up on Monday last week, and in the last 7 days we have only done 39.4 miles in the car – a record for us.

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