Giving in and putting on the heating

We gave in today and put the heating on.  I’ve resisted turning it on until now, but it suddenly got uncomfortably cold.

We had a truly massive gas bill in February last year, and we’ve been trying to cut our gas and electricity usage since.  We live in a lovely Victorian house, but it is a bit draughty at times.  In the next few weeks, I want to draught proof windows and doors and put up some home made thick blinds and curtains. 

I’m also going to look at how we use our heating.  I’ve turned the radiator thermostats down to half way, and cut the amount of time the heating is on in the evening.  I’ve just got it on from 6.15 am to 8 am and 7 pm to 8.30 pm.  There have been a few grumbles about the heating, but we simply can’t afford bills at the level we had last year.  Hot water bottles and fleeces are being dug out of retirement!  I will post again about how we are getting on in about a month’s time.

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