Apple harvest

We inherited 5 mature apple trees when we moved to our house on Frugal Hill 18 years ago. One has since died, but the others are still going strong and this year we have a wonderful harvest of apples.

There appear to be two or perhaps three varieties, none of which, I am ashamed to say, we have yet been able to identify.

We are using the apples for both eating and cooking. Some of them have been rather sharp, but as they’ve ripened they have turned more yellow and have gained a sweeter taste.

The trees are probably 12/15 feet high, and some of the nicest looking apples are just out of reach. I’ve climbed as high as I dare on the step ladder up and used a long handled lopper to pull some of the branches down. We have picked quite a few from the trees, but they are now out of reach so we are collecting windfalls. The windfalls have been fine – I try and check each day so they don’t have time to get nibbled.

Tantalisingly out of reach....

The quantity of apples has been amazing. From four trees, friends have had bags of apples for cooking, pressing for juice and windfalls for pigs. We have two boxes of apples which we are working our way through. I haven’t bought any apples for several weeks.

Mystery apples

If anyone has any ideas as to what this variety these apples might be, please comment.  I thought they might be James Grieve, but I’ve been told those would be over now, and we still have many apples on the trees.

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