Celebrating Apple Day

Apple Day was inaugurated in 1990 by Common Ground and takes place on 21st October every year. It is a celebration of apples and orchards, and apple related events take place all around the UK around this date.

I posted yesterday about our enormous crop of apples. It was such a beautiful autumn afternoon yesterday that we walked over Frugal Hill with three huge bags of windfalls to an Apple Day event in the next village.  Here apples could be pressed to make juice on a variety of presses. 

 First our apples were pulped.  

Pulping apples

 Next they were fed into the press. 

Ready for the press

 Finally they were crushed, and our apple juice came out.  

And here comes our juice

It was fascinating to see the different colours of apple juice, ranging from pink to brown.  We think we are going to make our apple juice into cider, so I’m going to get hold of a demijohn tomorrow and see if I can set some off.

We also asked around to try and identify our apples, but without success – I think we’re just going to carry on enjoying them.

Until next time,


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