Discovering markets

I called in at the market today to buy some vegetables and fruit.  I’ve only used the market sporadically over the years, but I can see that we could make some significant savings.  Today I bought a butternut squash, a mango and a red pepper, all for £2 and all of very good quality.

All from our local market

This evening I went to the supermarket for our regular weekly ‘big shop’.  I managed to keep our spending down to £38 (it used to be £90 a week a few years ago).  I looked out for the fruit and vegetables I bought earlier to compare prices:

                                     Market                                                Supermarket

Butternut squash         0.61                                                  not available

Red pepper                 0.39                                                    0.69

Mango                        £1.00                                                  £2.00

As you can see, I’ve saved £1.30 just on those 3 items.

Do you use markets for your food shopping?   Do you find it saves you money?

Until next time, Tawney

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