Being proud of Bee

Hello Everyone,

Bee is going skiiing with school in February.  It’s a bit of a dear do, but we manage it by putting money away every month towards the cost.  She went skiing a couple of years ago and loved it, so we said she could go again. 

Edie (no 1 daughter) went skiing once and we hoped that when Bee went she could use her sister’s skiing gear.  No such luck.  When Edie went skiing at the age of 14 she was a size 6 and about 5’3”.  When Bee went the first time at age 15 she was 5’9 and a size 10/12.  We had to buy from scratch again (apart from things like socks and mitts).  Luckily we’ve got a Decathlon near us, so we didn’t have to spend a huge amount.

Now we are getting closer to the next trip, I half expected that Bee would be expecting us to buy her all new kit.  She likes her clothes and she likes having new things although I’m trying to breath the frugal spirit into her, often it feels like we live on different planets.  I asked her the other day if her ski helmet still fitted.  It did, and I then took a deep breath and asked if her other skiing clothes fitted.The reply took me back. 

“Oh yes,” she said, “I tried everything on the other day and it’s all fine.  I definitely wasn’t expecting you to buy me all new stuff when I know you are trying to save money for university.”

I’m immensely proud of Bee and her mature attitude.  At 16 I think she’s beginning to get the frugal thing.  If she carries on like this, she’ll do just fine.

Until next time, Tawney.

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