Pulling back from overspending

Hello Everyone,

A few weeks ago I wrote about our hunt for a new car and how we’re planning to fund the purchase.  Since then we’ve looked at a number of cars and we’re still looking. 

How we almost blew the budget

Something interesting has happened while we have been looking.  We set a budget with which we were comfortable and one ot the things we took into account was the fact that we live on a single track road, bounded by walls and vegetation.  You have to back up if you meet somebody, and however careful you try to be, it’s inevitable that a bumper will be scraped or a bush will brush against the bodywork.  It didn’t make sense to us to buy an incredibly expensive car

As the weeks have gone on and we haven’t managed to find a car, we began thinking, “well, if we spent just a bit more, we could get something a bit newer with a few fewer miles on it”.  The budget stretched upwards to take a bit more savings, and then, after a couple of weeks a bit more as we still didn’t manage to find anything.  Then we began to think, “if we borrowed a bit we could have something really nice and it will be easier to find something”.  The original budget had suddenly increased by 65%.

Changing our minds

Today we we realised what we were doing – we were creeping towards some serious overspending.  Both OH and I were feeling distincly uncomfortable with  this.  We decided to go back to our original budget.  We’ve got a couple of leads which we’re going to follow up over the next week, and I suddenly feel confident that we are going to find the right car at the right price. 

Have you pulled back from overspending on a large purchase?  What finally made you decide not to go ahead?

Until next time, Tawney

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