Christmas wreath making

Hello Everyone,

The other night I went to a Christmas wreath making workshop at our local pub.  It was supposed to happen last year, but was cancelled due to heavy snow.

We have a variegated holly bush in the garden which this year is covered with berries.  I also gathered holly and yew from the garden.  The wreath bases were supplied as part of the worshop – these were round bases filled with oasis.

The first step was to put the evergreen material around the outer and inner edges.  For my wreath, I used golden yew.  The next row in was holly, which was infilled with extra berries to give colour.  Finally I added the ivy.

The finished Christmas wreath

I’m really pleased with how my wreath turned out – I failed art at school (the first person in my school to fail art in 20 years, so my teacher told me), so I sometimes have a bit of a confidence crisis with crafty things.  More importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. – everyone’s wreath was different and they are now hanging on front doors around the village. 

What Christmas crafts have you been getting on with?

Until next time, Tawney.


Christmas wreath making — 1 Comment

  1. The wreath looks fabulous Tawney. Did it last all through December?

    I made my own wreath too and was very impressed with it. I will be wandering Frugal Hill again next year gathering all I need to make another. I will never buy another Christmas wreath again.