Sunday morning cook up

Hello Everyone,

I decided to have a bit of a cooking session this morning. First I cooked a big pot of vegetable jalfrezi – another Jamie Oliver recipe. I think curries taste better when they are cooked and then left for a while – the flavours really develop. Once cooked I divided it into two and put both portions into the freezer. This will make two easy Sunday night meals. 

While the curry was bubbling away I made some fairy cakes. I used to buy cakes, but I’ve stopped doing this. It doesn’t take very long to mix up butter, sugar, eggs and flour and these little cakes only need to be in the oven for about 15 minutes. 

Our cakes for the week - they just need icing


Bee ate the last portion of her cottage pie last Monday, so I made a lasagne. This is another recipe I’ve cobbled together over the years. I just fry an onion, add half a small packet of veggie mince and about 500 ml passata (you could add a tin of tomatoes or a jar of pasta sauce).  

Vege mince sauce


While this is gently bubbling, I make a cheese sauce. This is incredibly easy. I melt 40g butter in a saucepan, then stir in 25g flour. This is called a ‘roux’ and I let it cook for a couple of minutes.  

The roux - looks horrible, but it's the base for many easy sauces


Let this cook for a couple of minutes, then add half a pint of milk, a bit at a time while stirring. Finally I chuck in a small handful of grated cheese. 

Cheese sauce is nearly finished


To assemble the lasagne, I start with a layer of pasta in a greased dish, then a layer of mince sauce, lasagne, cheese sauce and then repeat, finishing with the cheese sauce.  

The finished lasagne


Bee will have one of these tomorrow night. I’m going to take Edie a portion when we take her back to Sheffield tonight, so she will have a ready meal tomorrow.

I enjoyed my little session in the kitchen this morning, it was only a couple of hours, but I’ve got lots of meals in store.

What did you do this weekend?

Until next time, Tawney

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