A first success

Hello Friends,

I’ve just totted up our spending for the last month and in the first time in ages we’ve got through the month and kept our spending within our income – and that includes putting some money towards our new car.

What did I do differently this month?  Perhaps the biggest difference is that I estimated the discretionary spending more accurately.  I wrote out a budget for as many things as I could think of including Christmas presents, school concert tickets, a meal out at the pub when we took Edie back to university and the work Christmas lunch.

The other thing I did was to try and think about spending consciously.  This meant that stopped myself from a couple of wasteful purchases.  If I went shopping in my lunch hour, it was only for food.  I found I had more money in my purse throughout the week.

Next month is going to be a bit more challenging.  We have some large annual bills due which means there isn’t too much wriggle room.  But it’s incredibly satisfying to know that, even though things are tighter than they were a few years ago, we can keep from overspending.  We’ve made a start.

Until next time, Tawney.

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