Frugal driving

Hello Friends,

A few weeks ago I wrote about how we’ve bought a new second hand car.  It’s a 6 year old Volvo estate, and I’m hoping it will last for a good few years.  We owned our last car, a Mercedes estate (again bought secondhand, I’ve never bought a brand new car) for 8 years, and although it had done 165,000 miles, it still drove nicely.  The problem was the rust, which just took over.

The Tank - designed for taking kids to and from uni with all their stuff

The new car has a display which shows how many miles per gallon you are using.  This has been quite illuminating, especially when I drive up Frugal Hill where the gradient is 1 in 4 in places.  The mpg drops to 4 miles per gallon – ouch!

While surfing the internet the other day I came across an article on about driving uphill more economically.  You can read it here: Frugal Living: Drive Properly on Hills and get better Fuel Efficiency

I realised that I fall into the natural temptation of gunning the engine when faced with a hill.  Tonight when I came back from Sheffield, I deliberately drove slowly and steadily up Frugal Hill – and the display showed I was getting more miles per gallon!

How do you keep your fuel costs down?

Until next time, Tawney x

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