An owl on Frugal Hill and a tiny spend in the supermarket

Hello Friends,

Frugal Hill is a great place to live.  Yesterday, at 6.50 am, while it was still dark and I was taking the rubbish up the steps to the drive, I heard a tawney owl hooting close by.  I looked up, and it flew out of the trees right over my head.  Now we hear the owls hooting all the time, but we don’t often see them, so it was a real treat to see one so close – they really are beautiful birds.

I went to the supermarket after work last night.  As you’ll know from Thursday’s post, we’re having to draw our belts in to get to the end of the month.  Before I went out yesterday, I went through the cupboard and the freezer and came up with a list of meals up to the end of the month using up everything I’ve already got.  This includes:

  • jacket potatoes with various fillings
  • pizza – homemade, divided up with half frozen for a second meal
  • the frozen lentil stew in the freezer
  • two meals of risotto using mince from the freezer
  • a nut roast, using up the ends of bags of mixed nuts and porridge oats
  • tuna and tomato sauce spaghetti using tinned tuna from the cupboard
  • pasties – I still have some home made ones frozen

Last night I just bought a few essentials such as toilet rolls, milk, breakfast cereal, some black eyed beans and few other bits and bobs.  My supermarket bill came to £21.73!!! This is my lowest ever weekly supermarket bill.

How are you getting on with using up your storecupboard?  What interesting ideas for meals have you had?

Until next time, Tawney x

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