When frugal cooking goes horribly wrong….

Hello Friends,

I actually had another post written and ready to go an hour ago, but then I had a bit of a cooking disaster.

A week or two ago I posted about how I’d made some vegetable pasties.  This afternoon I thought I’d have a go at some meaty ones.

I think sometimes your instincts try and warn you when something is not going to work.  The pastry didn’t feel quite right when I made it.  It felt dry, and when I took it out of the fridge it was very crumbly.  It kept falling apart as I rolled it out.  This is the result.

I’d planned to put them in the freezer for next week, but they were so crumbly they barely made it to the plate.  We ate what was left for tea and the meat was chewy.  Really not my best effort. 

Not sure if my baking tray is ever going to be the same again

OH has suggested I start another blog devoted to my cooking disasters – there will be plenty of material apparently.  Hm……….

Have you had any cooking disasters recently?  Do share.

Until next time, Tawney x

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