Spring is coming to Frugal Hill

Hello Friends,

It was breezy and showery in Derbyshire this morning, but I decided to risk it and put my washing outside.

We’ve been making a huge effort not to use the tumble dryer over the winter.  I’ve been using a drying rack in the upstairs bathroom.  Most of the time this has worked ok, but occasionally we’ve had a bit of a backlog with the washing when it’s taken longer to dry.  I have used the tumble dryer a few times when we’ve had sheets and duvet covers to dry, but overall, the use has been far less than in previous years.

Although we had a few showers, when I brought the washing in it was only slightly damp and I’ve just popped it over the drying rack in the bathroom and it’s got that lovely dried outside fragrance.

While I was hanging the washing outside I noticed a few shoots breaking through the ground – snowdrops and crocuses.  I love it when I spot the first plants early in the year – it means spring is on the way with longer, warmer days.

Have you seen any signs of spring yet?  Or perhaps if you are down under, autumn is on the way?

Until next time, Tawney x


Spring is coming to Frugal Hill — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, signs of Spring are everywhere – my camellias are blooming, daffodils in bud, primroses in flower, fat buds on Hydrangea and rhododendrons, the lawns have never stopped growing (it seems a crime to cut them now, but it had to be done.) Even on the lanes, the daffodils are well through, and crows are actually constructing their untidy nests. Blackbirds and thrushes are paired up and courting; vixens are calling at night. I just hope we are not due to have severe weather like last year or it will have a devastating effect.