Trading down the ranges

Hello Friends

When I’m shopping on the supermarket I try not to buy too many branded items because, unless they’re on special offer, they are usually more expensive than the store’s own equivalent. 

Recently I’ve started trading down even more the basics range in whichever store I happen to be in.  Because we live in the country, our choice of supermarket is limited – we don’t have an Aldi or a Lidle within 10 miles, so it’s not worth a 20 mile round trip.  Here are some of the products I’ve tried recently – I’m not endorsing any particular supermarket, this is just where I’ve shopped recently. 

I just try an item once to see if I like it.  I’ve used things like loo roll, kitchen roll and soap without noticing much difference and it saves ££££s.  Fruit and veg seem to be pretty much ok as well.

There are some things I just can’t trade down further.  I can’t bear cheap tea, washing up liquid has proved to be a washout and I’m not sure about some liquid handwash I’m trying out.

Have you changed your shopping habits to save money?  Which items wouldn’t you buy from a basics range?

Until next time, Tawney x


Trading down the ranges — 4 Comments

  1. I have been using some basics for the past year: loo rolls, kitchen towels, cornflakes, porridge oats, butter and bacon – you have to really make sure it is not too fatty and is British – but the flavour is O.K. BUT tea and coffee are not good, and the basic cheese is tasteless. Apart from Heinz tomato sauce (which cheers up most things) and Heinz tomato soup (the girlies like this when they are not well) – and I buy these when on offer, I do not buy branded products and find the ordinary store products are O.K. I buy the tea and coffee I like when it is on offer and make sure there is a supply in the larder. I do agree with you, a good washing up liquid can be used for most cleaning jobs and is more economical in the long run, again bought when on offer. Basic vinegar is good mixed with water and put into an old spray bottle for a quick whip around PORCELAIN sinks – I don’t use it on stainless steel or shower trays – I seem to remember reading somewhere it is not good for these.

    Keep at itxx

  2. I also buy lots of the Basics brands but when it comes to baked beans and tinned soup – only one brand will do. I have tried cheap brands and other named brands but only the 57 variety is liked in this household.

    I have started to use the market a lot more. We aren’t lucky enough to have a particularly good market but they do have a good fruit and veg stall and another stall that has lots of bits and pieces on – biscuits, some tinned and packet goods, toiletries, etc. And on a Tuesday I go to another market close by for fish.

    I get most of my toiletries and cleaning products from Wilkos rather than the supermarkets as they do seem to be much cheaper. It is more time consuming going from one shop to another rather than getting everything in one place but it gives me a bit of exercise at the same time!