A rant about the gas bill

Hello Friends,

Last year we had a huge gas bill – over £700.  The house is on 3 floors, quite old and drafty and we had to leave the heating on overnight because it was so cold and wanted to avoid burst pipes.

This year I wanted to avoid a huge bill again.  It’s been milder and I’ve also taken some big steps to cut the gas usage.  These have included:

  • trying to keep the heating off during the day (but as OH works from home, this isn’t always easy).
  • cutting down the length of time that the heating is on during the evening by 1 1/2 hours every evening so the heating goes off at 8.30pm.
  • turning all the thermostatic valves down on the radiators: the bedroom ones are turned down to 2, the hall radiator is turned off completely for the first time and the lounge is turned off in the day and to 4 in the evening.

We got our gas bill today.  Our usage had fallen by almost 25% – of course this winter has been mild, but I thought we had also done our bit, and I expected our bill to be much less.  Was it heck.  Despite a significant reduction in usage, our bill just £50 less than for the same quarter last year.  This is entirely due to gas price rises.  If the prices had been the same as last year, we would have seen a 20/25% reduction in the bill itself. 

I just can’t believe this.  I feel angry that price rises mean all my cost saving efforts have not had the desired effect, although as OH said, if we hadn’t cut back, the bill might have been £1000.  I don’t quite know where we go from here.  Do we turn off the heating even earlier?  Do we look into more draft proofing?

Have you managed to get you heating bills down despite the price rises?  If so, how did you manage this?

Until next time, Tawney x

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