Another bill and the need to make life simpler

Hello Friends,

As you know, on Thursday I had a bit of a rant about the gas bill.  Yesterday we had the electricity bill in the post.   After the gas bill, I was a bit concerned about what this might add up to.  Luckily it came in at £100 less than my estimate.  This means we’ve almost covered the extra on the gas bill.

It’s been another hectic week.  I feel as if I haven’t stood still and I am exhausted.  On Thursday I knew I was starting to get one of my crashing headaches – it lasted most of Friday, and now I’m just tired, tired, tired.  I really do need to make my life a lot simpler than it is right now.

There are huge piles of washing and ironing around the house.  Any kind of cleaning is just a distant memory, and negotiating from one room to another involves clambering over, around and through piles of clutter.  I read other blogs about de-cluttering and organisation with a mix of admiration and bewilderment.  I’d love to be like these people, but where do I find the time?  I’m up at 6.45, do between 8 and 8 1/2 hours a day, five days a week, in a demanding job, come home, cook for everyone, if I’m lucky find half an hour to practise on the violin, then collapse into a heap.  Am I supposed to start cleaning at 9pm at night?  Currently that is about the only time I have free.

At the weekends I’m constantly racing to catch up with what hasn’t been done in the week, catching up on shopping, and ferrying people to wherever they want to be.  By Monday morning, I’m back at work usually completely exhausted from the weekend.

Right now I’m completely overwhelmed and not entirely sure where I go from here.  The answer certainly isn’t to try and do more, because that is going to lead to further exhaustion.  All I know is, I’ve got to find a way to make life simpler.

Is there a way of living a simpler life if you work full time?  What do you think?

Until next time, Tawney x


Another bill and the need to make life simpler — 6 Comments

  1. Sorry, I’m a bit late in replying. Dare I suggest that you delegate some of the housework, Tawney? If you have piles of washing around the house, can I assume that your daughters live at home? Teach them how to operate the washing machine! It isn’t hard work to put a load through, then organise the drying and even ironing.
    Can you cut down on the ironing? So many things really don’t need to be ironed.
    Leave the vacuuming until someone comments – then show them where the vacuum cleaner lives. Ditto window-cleaning, dusting, tidying up.
    Why should you be expected to work full time yet cope with all the housework? If hubby works from home, he can wash up during his lunch break . . . can’t he?
    Give yourself a break, Tawney – life is for living. 😉

    • Thank you for your comment – it gave me a real lift. Funnily enough, I came home at 11.30pm from an orchstra rehearsal (enjoying myself!) the other night to find no 2 daughter vacuuming the stairs – she had got so fed up with looking at the dust that she had done it herself. I think I’ve learned a lesson there 🙂

  2. I too struggle with full-time work and the never ending grid….never enough hours at the weekend and week days never enough time. The one thing that has helped me is batch cooking. Make a chilli, spag, cotage pie pasta sauce anything I make 2 or 3 times as much as I need and freeze it and then next the next week a ready meal. As I never know how many will be at home I freeze in single portions and then can defrost the right amount for who’s at home.
    Reading this blog and really enjoying it.

    • Glad you have enjoyed your visits to FHW – I’m going to give batch cooking a go. Did masses amounts of lentil stew tonight, half of it is now in the freezer.
      Tawney x

  3. I have thought. I expect Grans would be happy to help in a small way – perhaps by washing the towels and bedclothes. I expect she has the time, the washing machine and the airing cupboard. She probably can’t do heavy housework as by the time she has conquered the hill, she too is knackered. However – why don’t you suggest she helps in this small way and as you said much earlier – “small steps.”

  4. You are much too hard on yourself. O.K. so it is difficult to have the “perfect” household but don’t believe all you read in the other “perfect” blogs. There are lots of people who believe their own publicity and want you to believe it too.

    I don’t have an answer to your problem at the moment but I am thinking very hard. This is just a suggestion: could you perhaps catch a ‘bus or train to work on say 2 or 3 days a week, just to regroup your energy a little? I know fares are expensive, but its no use saving money if you are too worn out and knackered to enjoy things when you do finish work. Be kinder to yourself.
    I do remember how completely draining it is at the end of a working day and then needing to start again at home.