Starting small – making a difference to the clutter mountain

Hello Friends,

As you know, we have a few clutter issues here, which I think are holding me back from my goal of living a simpler life.  It’s something I’ve not yet been able to get on top of.

We’re none of us particularly tidy, but I have some bad habits I need to own up to.  These are:

  • not putting clothes away after they have been washed – I get distracted, and they end up on chairs or left in the ironing basket
  • dropping things anywhere when I am in a rush

Today, I decided to spend an hour sorting out the clotthes in my room.  I just have one wardrobe, so I tend to swap my clothes around in the spring and autumn, keeping those I’m not wearing in under bed storage bags.  First I put away the Christmas party clothes.  Then I went through everything else and pulled out a very tired suit and a pair of trousers that don’t fit properly to go to the charity shop.

Next I sorted the clothes into different types: work, walking and weekend and put them into order on the hangers.  T-shirts and tops are folded on the top shelf and then I made separate piles for fleeces, weekend jumpers/cardigans and jogging trousers.

This is how it all ended up. 

Now all I’ve got to do is keep it like this! 

How do you organise your clothes?

Until next time, Tawney x

PS – a big thank you to my friend 3 doors down Frugal Hill who helped extract an mp3 player headphone cover from a member of the Tawney household’s ear last night!

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