A mildly unfrugal evening and a mouse in the house

Hello Friends,

Here’s another episode from my less than perfect journey to the frugal and simple life.  This isn’t the post I originally wrote (that will appear later in the week), but I thought I would tell you about our Valentine’s day evening.

We went to our local pub for ‘pie night’ with some friends, as bit of a treat.  It was a lovely evening – not late as we all have work tomorrow – but excellent inexpensive home made food and good company.  When we got home, I pulled the lap top out and started writing my latest post.

I needed to download a photo and OH went upstairs to look for the gadget thing which lets me download the photos.  I suddenly heard a shout and ran upstairs thinking OH had fallen over or off something.  In fact, he’d seen a mouse in his office and it had practically run over his foot.

I’m not sure what to do about the mouse – obviously living in the country means that we have occasionally to deal with unwelcome visitors.  I feel a bit squeamish about setting traps, but I don’t really fancy the idea of them trotting around upstairs.  I know just about everyone on Frugal Hill has occasionally had mice, but I would like to evict this one as soon as I can.

Have you ever had mice?  How did you persuade them to leave?

Until next time, Tawney x


A mildly unfrugal evening and a mouse in the house — 7 Comments

  1. mm we had a little visitor that used to run on our worktops at night, when the dearly beloved saw this his hunter intstincts took over and a battle ensued. Chocolate is the answer apparently the small furry rodents cannot resist (ring any bells girls) so a trap was duely set with some of my best galaxy. On this particular night i had come downstairs and ended up reading a book quietly in the kitchen the dearly beloved was at work. I heard a scurry and looked on in amazement as our very own micky (mouse) sauntered acros the worktop to the galaxy . I held my breath caught up in the drama. He expertly put out his paw and hooked the chocolate off the trap and ran away. I swear I heard giggling. You nil and micky one i texted my dealy beloved with glee. However next morning it would appear one square was not enough, Micky returned to the crumbs and met a sticky end ahhhh There must be a moral there somewhere….