The frugal lunch box

Hello Friends,

Home made is definitely cheaper and I try and take a packed lunch to work every day.  This saves a huge amount of money.

A salad bought in a sandwich shop will cost a minimum of £2, so by the time you have added in a sandwich and a piece of fruit, you could be looking at spending £4-5 per day.  (I know that we live in the north and some of you reading this living in the south will be looking at spending more than this.)

Here is my home made mixed salad and some fruit which I took to work today.

I make the salad up from whatever I happen to have in the fridge – here I just used salad leaves, cucumber, tomato and red cabbage.  The fruit is a mixture of pineapple, grapes and clementines.  I really like cake, but if I eat fruit and salad it helps keep my energy up through the day.

I have to try and be a bit organised, because it does take a bit of time to put this kind of lunch together.  I make up a big box of mixed fruit and keep it in the fridge and then take out what I need each day.  I try and make up the salad the night before to save rushing in the morning.  I’ve kind of got into the habit of doing this now, so it isn’t too much of a chore.  (I just need to get organised about everything else!)

Do you take your own lunches to work?  What sort of things do you have for lunch?

Until next time, Tawney x


The frugal lunch box — 3 Comments

  1. I am rubbish at taking my lunch to work with me. And I have no excuse as I make packed lunch for at least one child each morning. And I only need to take a packed lunch for myself twice a week so it is hardly taxing! I just seem to run out of steam by the time the children are up and ready for school, had their breakfast, done their packed lunches, walked the dog, got myself ready, got eldest out the door for school …………

    When I do get around to taking something it is usually just a tin of soup and then I am still hungry and end up buying something from the cafe below my office. And as it is a cafe they charge cafe prices with only 50p knocked off for a take away so a sandwich from there can cost upwards of £2.50.

    I am determined to become more organised and take my lunch with me each day I need it.

  2. As someone who travels alot for work and has recently stopped smoking I load my car up with snacks in a morning. Loads of fruit, toast and marmite, coffee flasks and sandwiches this keeps me out of the clutches of macdonalds breakfasts and motorway service stations, where you pay huge amounts for loads of cholesteral and salt. If I am in the office homemade soups are great we have a microwave to warm it up. If I was really good I would make my own bread but spend to much time on my four legged friend to do that… The soup I am trying today was told to me by a man in penrith with just vague information so I am seeing if it works as it was delicious. Beetroot and chilli soup. I will let you know what it tastes like!!!