The Chilli Challenge

Hello Friends,

Normal service resumed following my violin exam yesterday.  Think it went ok, just got to wait a few weeks to hear the result.

Our local pub runs a ‘chilli challenge’ competition every now and again.  I’ve entered a few times, but not won yet.  I made my vegetarian chilli on Thursday.  I’m not going to tell you the recipe, as there’s quite a bit of competition on Frugal Hill, but here are some of the ingredients.

Making the chilli was a thoroughly satisfying activity.  Usually I’m cooking in the evening, and I’m just doing a quick supper for all of us.  This was a chance to make something slowly and thoroughly.  I found the chopping and preparation almost meditative.  There’s something really satisfying about having all your ingredients lined up and ready to go in the pot, then carefully frying, stirring and tasting to test how it is getting on.

The finished chilli ready for the challenge

All the chillis are subject to a taste test and then scored with prizes for the best meat and best vegetarian chilli.  The two vegetarian chillis tied for first place, so I came home with a bottle of wine.

Have you entered any cooking competitions?

Until next time, Tawney x


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