Complicated living

Hello Friends,

I’m striving to live a much simpler life than I do right now.  In my ideal world, I would work fewer hours (although I think I would still like to work up to 3 days a week), I would have a clutter free home and I would have my finances organised once and for all.  I would focus on doing the things I really enjoy and not run round in circles trying to fit in everything both for me and for other people.

Sometimes, my efforts at simplifying life seem to be overtaken.  All sorts of ‘stuff’ crops up as potential obstacles to my goals.  This week a number of things have happened just as I thought I had life under control.

I’ve managed to have something on every single evening this week.  That sounds great, but it does mean that by the end of the week I am very tired.  Because I am not at home in the evenings, I’m not tackling the clutter mountain, washing or other chores.  We have also got to make some difficult decisions in three cases where Bee has two events clashing and wants to attend both.  In theory this might be possible, but in practice will involve complicated arrangements and significant expense.

How did life get so complicated?  Why do we try to do too much?  Have you managed to cut down on your commitments?

Until next time, Tawney x


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  1. You obviously try to do your best – so relax! Its not worth worrying yourself into a frazzle. Life is much too short. I have found “NO” is quite good when used very, very occasionally.