Beetroot soup…don’t go there.

Hello Friends,

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

I wanted to use up some leftover beetroot today.  Usually I chuck anything and everything into soup, and it comes out fine.  This was not one of those occasions.

If anyone has any ideas about what to do with beetroot, please post a comment!

Until next time, Tawney x


Beetroot soup…don’t go there. — 12 Comments

  1. I have just looked up “Mandoline” (sorry I left the ‘e’ off earlier) and Lakeland do one. I don’t know that I would invest in one but I suppose with endless patience and a sharp knife one could get the same result.

  2. I believe a mandolin is a sort of sharp blade that is held at an angle and you rub the veg over it – there is a protective thing that you shove in the veg and then rub it over the blade, to protect your fingers. There is also a boxey thing underneath to catch the slices and your fingers if you are not careful.xx

  3. I watched a children’s programme recently and they were making vegetable crisps. They used sweet pots, and various vegs. – including beetroot. They cut them very thin with a ? mandolin – I think that’s what its called or perhaps I am being musical – then put them in olive oil and cooked them in a single layer on a high temperature for a very short time, recommending very careful watching. At the time I thought I might try it with parsnips or the sweet pots. If the mood comes over me again, I might try. XX

      • I have a mandolin Tawney. I think it will come in useful for apple season.

        You can borrow it if you want – as long as you sign a disclaimer that I am not to be held responsible if you slice your finger off. It is very sharp!

  4. Oh Tawney – that looks revolting! LOL.

    A quick google brings up lots of recipes on the Abel and Cole website.

    I just adore cheese and beetroot sandwiches slathered in salad cream!

    Beetroot isnt something we have in very often as there is only myself that likes it.