Avoiding mission creep from work

Hello Friends,

My fundamental belief is that work is just one part of life.  It shouldn’t take over and stop us doing the things that are important to us as individuals.  I used to buy into the working hard 12 hours a day thing and putting work first, but not any more.

I’ve worked full time, part time, job shared.  I’ve worked in the private and public sectors and I’ve been self employed, so I’ve pretty much done the whole work thing.  Work is fine, but it has to be kept in its rightful place and not impinge on home life and activities.

Yesterday I took Bee up to school for 6.45 am as she was going to the Lake District on a school trip before going into work for 7 am.  I don’t normally go in that early, but there wasn’t any point going home to go back to work again.  I thought I would leave at 4 (we have some limited flexibility about start and finish times).  Unfortunately, a bit of a flap cropped up and I ended up leaving at 5.30 which meant I was unable to fit in some of the things I wanted to do after work.

Although in theory the idea of going in early and finishing early is appealing, it seems that I get caught more often than not and end up working longer days than I would like (10 hours yesterday).  I have decided I’m going to go into work a little bit later to arrive by 9.30 a couple of days a week.  If I get up early, this means I can fit the important things in first, like violin practice and a bit of straightening around the house.   It means I won’t be incredibly tired when I’m doing the important stuff – I’m putting myself first.

How do you juggle work and real life?

Until next time, Tawney x

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