Storecupboard or hoarding?

Hello Friends,

Last night a Facebook friend of mine posted a comment wondering how long it would be until the shops started running out of bread and milk as a result of the proposed tanker driver strikes.

Today I went into the supermarket at lunchtime to buy some milk for our office at work.  There were no 2 pint cartons left, only single pints.  That didn’t matter for me because I just wanted a pint to last us until the end of the week in the office.  It seems my friend was right and the food hoarding is starting already.

I’m trying to do one big shop a month so that I don’t keep going back and getting tempted in the supermarket.  I keep the cupboard stocked up with things like pasta, tinned tomatoes, tuna, lentils and chickpeas.  I keep veggy chicken chunks and veggy mince in the freezer.  This means that I can usually rustle up something from the storecupboard.  I won’t be going out and buying extra food.  For one thing, I’ve got nowhere else to put it!

Do you keep a storecupboard?  Or do you buy ‘just in time’?

Until next time, Tawney x


Storecupboard or hoarding? — 5 Comments

  1. Because of advancing years I keep a well stocked larder, just in case it snows, rains hard or I just don’t feel like going out. I make sure that as soon as I start on an item I replace it. I also make sure I have basic things that younger members of the family sometimes need – out of the blue (i.e. stuff for home economics or whatever they call it these days) xx

  2. Panic buying is an interesting phenomenon. It is right up there with Christmas and New Year supermarket shops. One can assume that many many people live a shop to mouth existence and haven’t the foresight to have a storecupboards or perhaps the knowledge to live without something for a few days.

  3. We have a pantry and I put it to very good use! It is very well stocked with tins (beans, tomatoes, etc) and a few jars of sauce for quick pasta meals. I always have rice and pasta in there and lots of baking ingredients.

    We also have three freezers!!! One is an under unit one and I keep home cooked meals in there (I tend to have big sessions in the kitchen from time to time and batch cook bolognaise and curry), one is a side by side fridge freezer and that has ice cream, lollies, frozen veg, fish, etc in. The third is a medium sized chest freezer which we keep the pigs in!!!!

    I tend to keep the pantry stocked as I do a “running shopping list” where each time I use something from the pantry I write it on my list ready to replace next time I go shopping. My mum did it and I have just sort of followed on from her! That system does mean that I don’t run out of things very often!

    • I’m thinking about buying a second freezer if I can find somewhere to put it. I like you idea about the running shopping list, that sounds very organised.