Making room for a new life

Hello Friends,

On Tuesday I told you about how I had been having a major clear out of my clothes and simplifying my wardrobe.  It reminded me of something which happened about 12 years ago, but would have made too long a post on Tuesday, so I’m sharing the story with you today.

When we moved here from the south 20 years ago, I brought with me all my school notes, university notes and notes from courses I’d been on in the last job I was in before I went on maternity leave.  All those notes sat in my loft here in Derbyshire for 10 years.

I’d hated that very last job, it was a bad experience, and it was a relief to leave.  I didn’t work for nearly 10 years when we first moved here while Edie and Bee were little and I thought I would never work outside the home again.

One day when Bee was 6 and at school I went up into the loft and I threw out all my old notes.  I remember thinking, ‘I’ll never need these again, I won’t be going back to work’.  Two weeks later a friend phoned me to say she had seen a job advertised which she thought I could do.  To cut a long story short, I got the job and the rest, as they say, is history.  I’ve moved onwards and upwards since then, and I’ve had a much better working experience, probably because work is no longer the main focus in my life.

I am convinced that by chucking out those old notes, some of which kept pulling me back to an unhappy time in my life, I made room for something better to happen.  A major part of my journey on the Frugal Hill Way is about letting go of stuff and habits which don’t serve me any more so that I can create a simpler life.

Have you ever had an experience of letting an object or habit go and then something better coming along?

Until next time, Tawney x


Making room for a new life — 2 Comments

  1. What a fab blog! Yes I’ve had a similar experience with a past job. It was a relief to leave and throw out any reminders of such an unpleasant experience. I’ve changed careers and left the nhs leaving behind all the stress and vile bullies. Having my daughter has made me realise that family is the most important thing, job is just a job! Let go of all the ties and move onto too pastures new…..a few years back my life was not good….poor mental health and unhealthy people saturating my time…..all removed and cut out….a new life was born and now I truly am happy. Small car small home one child and a cat…lovely hubby and living carefully.

    • Simplifying life is definitely the way to go – it sounds as if you’ve made a big change really successfully. Thank you for dropping by.