The word is spreading

Hello Friends,

I went out this evening to a leaving do for a colleague from work (nothing too expensive I hasten to add).  I got to chat with some people who work at the other end of our department and who I know by sight, but hadn’t had the chance to get to know better before now.

I’m not sure how it happened, but we got to talking about the simple / frugal things we do, such as keeping hens, cooking and our hobbies such as running and walking.  The whole theme running through this conversation was how people were finding a better way to live, turning their backs on mass consumerism and celebrity culture.  Whilst we might not yet have reached the point where we can give up work to live a simpler life, we’re all enjoying the journey.

I’m finding it really encouraging that there are people out there, both in blogland and who I meet in my daily life, who think the same way I do.  I used to think I was on my own – it’s great to know I’m not. 

Have you found frugal inspiration in unexpected places?

Until next time, Tawney x


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