A village party

Hello Friends,

I couldn’t care less about the jubilee – I have no interest in the royals and the only thing I’ve looked forward to is that we have a four day weekend, meaning I can do things that are important to me.

It was with slight apprehension that I agreed to go to the village street party, especially when we saw how heavily it was raining this morning.  In fact, I ended up having a great time.  It didn’t really have anything to do with the jubilee at all – it was just an excuse for everyone in the village to get together and have fun.

The party didn’t take place outside due to the weather, it was moved to the function room of our local pub.  Everyone brought puddings or salad and we had a hog roast.  This is the bakewell tart I made this morning all wrapped up and ready to go.

It didn’t make it to the table – as it was carried from the pub kitchen, people were jumping up to grab a slice!  It’s really satisfying to make something other people enjoy.

We had lots of music this afternoon, from performers aged from 7 to 70.  The village is full of so many talented people, it’s quite humbling.  It was also a great way of bringing the community together, with people who had not even met before performing together.

So despite not expecting to, I did enjoy the day.

Have you been out and about today?

Until next time, Tawney x

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