Holiday funds

Hello Friends,

I paid for my summer holiday this week.  A couple of years ago I started saving a set amount every month towards the cost of holidays.  I used to stick the cost on the credit card and worry about it later, but I got really fed up with doing this.  There was always an overhang which was there when I got back.

I’ve extended the fund to cover not only the cost of the campsite or holiday cottage but to include what we might spend during the week.  Because I keep records of what we spend, I’ve now got a reasonable idea of what we might spend in a week’s holiday.  This might include theatre or music tickets, boat trips, ice creams, fish and chips, all the things we do that make our holiday fun for us.

The fund also covers us for a couple of weekends away.  Everything is added in.  This means that I’ve stopped having to worry about the bills when I get home, I know the money is already there and I don’t spend what I don’t have. 

This is something which has worked really well for us.  What has worked for your holiday saving?

Until next time, Tawney x

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