Back from my hols

Hello Friends,

I’ve just got back from a week camping in Cornwall.  It was a bit tricky posting on the blog when you are 3 miles from Land’s End on top of a cliff, so I’m just catching up with all your comments and blogs.

I’ve camped for years, starting with backpacking, and then moving on to bigger tents as Edie and Bee arrived.  Camping was basically a cheap holiday – it meant we could go away twice in the summer and we’ve kept it up even now the girls no longer come with us.

We bought a new tent last year.  Our old one, a Vango Diablo 900 had seen us through 8 seasons, camping 2 or 3 times a year and was a great family tent.  It had also seen some serious weather – we had repaired it several times but the sewn in groundsheet had de-laminated and the last time we used it we had water coming in from underneath and through the fabric on top.

With the new tent, we bought a footprint groundsheet which goes under the tent and it also has (don’t laugh) a carpet.  This will give it a longer life as the sewn in groundsheet will be better protected.

We’ve spent the week walking, cycling, and just relaxing and it’s been fun.  I’ve seen buzzards, a wheatear, curlews and sheep’s bit.  It’s amazing what you can do without spending any money.  Here are a couple of photos from the holiday.

For the first time ever, I have come home with a third of my holiday budget unspent.  It will be going back into the savings.  Things are looking up 🙂

What are your ideas for frugal holidays?

Until next time, Tawney x


Back from my hols — 2 Comments

  1. Same as you – I’m a camper. Love quiet sites, no clubs or noise so I avoid school holidays. I don’t mind children playing during daylight hours, but once it’s dark I want to sleep.
    I take lots of books, a comfy chair, comfy shoes for walking my dog (he’s a veteran camper too) and R E L A X.
    I cook proper meals using local veggies and meat or fish and buy fruit. It’s not only a cheap holiday (I belong to the C&CC so get discounts on site fees) but a healthy one, with all that fresh air and freedom.