Where did that week go?

Hello Friends,

Unbelievably busy this week – stuff happened at work, and I ended up working a couple of 10 and 12 hour days.  Not good – but it has stiffened my resolve to find a way out as soon as possible.  I’m just the wrong age where they keep moving the goalposts on retirement.  At the moment it’s supposed to be 66, but I have absolutely no intention of carrying on as I am until then.

The other thing I’ve been busy with is the community orchestra.  I made myself go to rehearsal and even though I was completely shattered yesterday I performed in my first ever concert in front of an audience last night.  It was really hard work!  I had no idea how physically and mentally demanding playing in a concert is.  I’m really glad I stuck with the things I enjoy doing and didn’t let work get in the way.  I can just about cope with work if I make sure I do what’s important to me first – it gives a better sense of perspective.

I’m off to water the tomatoes now – one or two friends have been saying that everything is about 4-5 weeks behind this year.  How are your vegetables doing?  Are they behind?

Until next time, Tawney x

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