Frugal work wear

Hello Friends,

I’ve been a fan of charity shops for a long time, and I now buy much of my work clothing from them, the biggest success being blouses and shirts.

There are a number of secrets to shopping in charity shops.  First, I only buy good quality clothing, looking out for labels such as M & S and Next.  I’ve managed to find mens’ shirts from YSL and Dior and I once found a lovely French Connection tailored women’s shirt.

Second, you have to keep looking.  I will go for months without buying anything, and then find a couple of shirts just as my current ones are wearing out.

I usually pay £2-£3 for a good quality womens’ shirt, and £3-£5 for mens.  Shopping in charity shops does need discipline.  It’s easy to think you are not spending very much but these small amounts can add up.  I like to browse, but I also know when I’ve got enough work clothes to keep me going.

What has been your best charity shop bargain?

Until next time, Tawney x


Frugal work wear — 2 Comments

  1. Help the Aged has a notice in the window “Give us your Rags”. I asked them if they really meant “RAGS” – and the answer was Yes. Whoopee – I have now got rid of all those things I have been putting to one side to mend. Some of these for 10 (yes ten) years. Very liberating and decluttering.xx

  2. I am rubbish at shopping in charity shops.

    I rarely go into town so therefore rarely go in the shops and whenever I do I can never find anything to either a) fit me or b) that I like.

    I just don’t tend to bother now.