Selling the benefits of de-cluttering

Hello Friends

In order to make some progress with clearing the house up next weekend, I’ve got to bring everyone on board.  OH is very nervous about the whole idea.

Last night, rather than moan at everyone again, I suggested the benefits we might find as a result of de-cluttering.  The house will be easier to clean, we’ll know where everything is, and we will all feel calmer.  Interestingly, I began to sense that the family’s attitude was softening.

I have realised that we do need to invest in some storage.  We have very little around the house, and this is contributing to our clutter problem.  Stuff lives in piles, on tables, the stairs and any other available surface.  Normally I try not to spend money, but sometimes I think you have to recognise a necessity.  Even if we clear a load of stuff out, if what remains is still in piles around the house, it won’t be long before we are struggling again.

I will be making a plan for storage over the weekend.  If we can re-use we will, and where we have gaps, I think these will be filled by a trip to Ikea later in the week.

What are your best storage solutions?

Until next time, Tawney x


Selling the benefits of de-cluttering — 2 Comments

  1. You need to find storage that looks nice.

    Otherwise the storage solutions will annoy you just as much as the clutter!