A bit of a clear out

Hello Friends,

I’ve been clearing out my bedroom this weekend.  When I was on holiday, I found I slept much better in a tidy uncluttered bedroom with enough storage for everything.

I started off yesterday by picking up everything off the floor and putting it in a large box.  This mostly comprised of the world’s biggest collection of odd socks. I then picked up all the books and scraps of paper.  I put a load of paperbacks in a bag for the charity shop along with any socks that had large holes in them and a couple of jumpers I haven’t worn in years.

Once I’d got the floor cleared, I tackled an alcove next to my bed.  For some reason, two large empty cardboard boxes  had been sitting there for the last two years.

By now I was on a bit of a roll.  Today I went back to the box I had put everything in I picked up yesterday.  I sat in the garden and sorted through all the socks, pairing them up.  I then tackled a box which contained some of the girls’ paintings and things from primary school – or so I thought.  As well as a few pictures and ‘makes’, the box was half full of old bills and junk pieces of paper.  I’ve put the things I want to keep into a smaller clear plastic box and the rest has gone for recycling or shredding.

Once I got going, throwing stuff out was quite easy.  I kept asking myself why I still had half this stuff.  My bedroom is looking better, but there’s still a way to go.

What have you found that you’ve wondered why you still have it?

Until next time, Tawney x

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