Getting organised for the big trip

Hello Friends,

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I do not list ‘shopping’ as one of my favourite interests.

Today, due to a combination of circumstances, I have spent the whole day shopping.  And no, I haven’t had a personality transplant – Edie finally flies to Russia on Monday (she’s going down to Heathrow tomorrow night) and like most students, had left getting herself organised until pretty much the last minute.  (We had two weeks of trauma worrying about whether the visa would arrive in time, but that’s another story).

So today, we all headed off first to Bakewell to buy thermals and a backpack of a suitable size for hand luggage.  I resisted the request to buy the £80 thermals off the internet – we found some in a shop in the sale which will do the job just as well for under half that amount, and a backpack which was not only in the sale, but on which I managed to get another 10% discount for being a National Trust member.

After lunch it was off to Derby for Edie to pick up socks and underwear from Primark, and a large suitcase (we’d realised her medium sized one wasn’t going to be big enough) for less than half price in a sale.  Despite it all being a bit last minute, I was quite impressed when Edie whipped out a notebook in the middle of Westfield and began checking the items she had bought off a list she’d prepared earlier.  Things are looking up!

It’s been a very busy day and now I’m going to put my feet up for the evening.

How do you get organised for travelling?

Until next time, Tawney x

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