Things calm down again

Hello Friends,

Over the last couple of months it’s felt that like I’ve been whizzing round in circles.  No sooner had we packed Edie off to Russia than we began on the university circuit with Bee.  I’ve also been working very long hours and still cramming in all the outside activities. I’ve de-cluttered my bedroom (a post to follow soon) and done loads of cooking.

This week I’ve had to make myself slow down.  We’ve cancelled a visit to a university down south after Bee decided she didn’t want to go there.  I’ve decided it’s ok to miss a zumba class, and because it’s been pouring with rain for days, I’ve allowed myself to drive into work rather than walking. I’ve even (shock horror) sat down in the evening and watched a couple of programmes on the television.

I haven’t fallen off the wagon and I won’t be turning into a driving everywhere couch potato.  My energy has slowly come back this week and I’m feeling loads better.  The challenge now is to manage my energy so I don’t get completely drained.  It’s all part of my goal of living a richer life.

What are your top tips for managing overload?

Until next time, Tawney x

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