Jam making time again

Hello Friends,

This is the scene while I was cooking tea tonight.

All bubbling away

Back right is 70s risotto, front left is Bee’s macaroni cheese from the freezer (home made) about to be warmed up, and front right is the pan of raspberry jam.  Our fruit harvest hasn’t been great this year – luckily my friend Piglet has given me some raspberries as she had loads on her allotment.  I’ve just taken the last load of the 2011 plums out of the freezer and I’m going to make another batch of jam tomorrow night.

I’m hoping I’ve just about got enough fruit so I won’t have to buy any jam until next year.  There are quite a few blackberries around so I should be able to make a few jars of bramble jelly as well.  In fact, I haven’t bought any jam for about 15 months.

Not everything work perfectly.  I had a go at making pectin this morning.  I boiled  up some windfall apples and then put them in some muslin in a sieve and left them to strain.  When I got home from work the pectin had worked through the sieve into the pan – unfortutely I used a metal sieve and the apples had reacted with it – there were black deposits in the pan and the pectin smelt a bit metallic.  I don’t like throwing things away, but I had a funny feeling about this so it had to go.  I’m going to have another go tomorrow but using a plastic sieve instead.

Are you making jam at the moment?

Until next time, Tawney x


Jam making time again — 4 Comments

  1. I would love to be making jam at the moment but being without a kitchen is hampering me somewhat!

    But I do have a freezer full of berries so once I have a sparkly new kitchen my jam pan will be back in business.

    Bad luck about the pectin but well done with the raspberry jam.

  2. hi,tanx for the reminder 🙂
    I have frozen strawberries in the freezer that has to be cooked down 🙂
    I’m a Swedish girl that love frugality and blogging about it in English,take a look 🙂