Culture shock and a lesson in simple living

Hello Friends,

I read a great post yesterday by Dan over at  Frugal Living UK about the amount of stuff we as a society consume.

It got me thinking not just about stuff, but about the way we live generally and how wasteful of resources we can be.  This has been magnified by Edie’s experiences in Russia.  After experiencing culture shock she is now enjoying her time there.

She is living with a 74 year old woman who takes in international students during their year abroad.  There is no shower as we know it – Edie uses bowls of water to shower with.  When it came to washing her clothes, she has to do this by hand and had no idea where to start.  To my great shame, Edie’s host couldn’t understand why her mother hadn’t taught her how to hand wash clothes.  Edie explained that we had machines to do this, but these were seen by her host as a great luxury.  Luckily Edie now knows how to wash her socks.  She’s wondering now why everone doesn’t wash by hand when it’s so much quicker.

While I’m not sure I could add handwashing everything into my life right now, this episode has got me thinking about how we use energy and appliances and I want to work towards using and consuming less.  I keep an eye on the weather forecast and put the washing out whenever I can.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not completely dry, it can hang on an airing rack indoors to finish off.  We have put the heating on, but only for a short time morning and evening to heat the water and take the chill off the house.  The rest of the time I’m wearing lots of warm jumpers.

Are you looking at consuming less?

Until next time, Tawney x


Culture shock and a lesson in simple living — 2 Comments

  1. I have a very bad habit of always using the tumble dryer. It is a very old dryer and not at all cost effective but I hate to have damp washing hanging around the house.

    We don’t really have anywhere to put a clothes horse at the moment but I am hopeful that when I get my new utility room I can have a tall heated towel rail in it and a place to either stand a clothes horse or have one of those ceiling mounted ones.

    I can but dream………

  2. Very recently – when in a rush – I popped a load in the washing machine and completely forgot to add washing powder (I never use softener). When I took the clothes out they were perfectly clean and dried – without stains – on my neighbour’s line. (My garden is too small for a line). I know there is only “me” in the house and I don’t do any manual labour if I can avoid it, but I do wonder if we use too much cleaning stuff that isn’t really necessary.xx