Garden round up

Hello Friends,

My veggies are beginning to come to the end of the season.  We’ve had quite a few courgettes, turnips, runner beans and cucumbers.  I’ve learned quite a few practical lessons this year, so I’m hoping things will be better again next year.  I’m going to try and make my raised beds a bit bigger over the winter and expand the vegetable growing area.

The plastic greenhouse has worked very well.  Next time I wouldn’t have quite so many tomato plants in it – sometimes when I’ve been going in to water them it’s felt like I’ve been entering a jungle.

I picked most of the tomatoes the other day – although a few had started to go yellow, I don’t think this late in the year they are going to ripen on the vine.

If they don’t ripen I will be making green tomato chutney.

I’ve cheated here – the yellow ones are mine, the big red ones are left over from the veg box but they just look pretty all together.

What have you got left in your veg patch?

Until next time, Tawney x


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  1. There is a technique for ripening green tomatoes. Pop them in the dark in a drawer – keep an eye on them. This worked well last year for your brother. He is now the acknowledged expert – suggest you speak to him.xx