An afternoon of sorting things out

Hello Friends,

A few years ago one of my work colleagues took early retirement and then found a job working part time.  I remember him saying that although he had less money coming in, because he had more time to attend to his finances he was better off – he had time to look for the best rates and deals.

I know I haven’t been attending to my finances as I should have done recently.  I’ve not monitored my budget, and I’ve not kept an eye on the bank account.  This is all because I’ve been pressed for time – so now I know what my colleague meant.

This afternoon, after several days of procrastinating, I sat down with the laptop and had a big old sort out with my accounts, phoning up to update details, writing out my spending plans for the month and cash budget for the week.  I recorded everything I’ve spent this month on a spreadsheet and put the money for the week into separate purses so I know exactly how much I have.  I’ve written before about how I find using separate purses helps me to be disciplined about my spending, so I have kept going with this.

After spending a couple of hours doing this, I felt much better and more in control.  The challenge now is how I’m going to keep this going.

Do you have a regular time for sorting out your finances?

Until next time, Tawney x


An afternoon of sorting things out — 1 Comment

  1. Yes. I read Alvin Hall’s book 12 – 13 years ago and, since then, I have not had an overdraft and have always cleared my credit card each month. Why should I give the banks my money? It concentrates the mind and makes one very, very careful. If I can’t afford it, I don’t have it.

    My brain works best early in the morning (from 5.30 a.m. onwards) and it also means I can ‘phone my bank without charges at that time. It pays to be almost forensic – and a bit of a bore – but who cares!

    I am sure you will win through, though I find an old squared arithmetic book, a pencil and rubber easier than spread sheetsxxx