Things to do on a grey November day

Hello Friends,

I like to get out at the weekend especially when the days are short.  I need the sunlight – I get a bit grumpy after being stuck in an office all week.  (I’m beginning to think it’s time to find something I would love to do, rather than what I “should” be doing, but that’s another story).

Today it’s been grey and cold all day – only just above freezing, so we didn’t go out, but I still enjoyed my day.  I had a bit of a rummage in the garage to make some space for tea chests and car wheels which have lived in the play room since we moved in 19 years ago.  The idea is to make the playroom into a living space rather than an all purpose dumping ground.

My friend, Piglet, came round for coffee and a chat and then after lunch I got my craft things out in the kitchen while OH fixed the dishwasher door.  I want to make some bunting to hang up at Christmas and I bought some fabric the other day.  It has a patchwork type design and I thought it would be easy to use each patch for a flag.  Actually no – the pattern is a bit of a nightmare to centre each patch.  I’ve sort of worked out how to do it, and I’ve got another plan for a second set of bunting.  I’m hoping to start it this week, so I’ll post some pictures when I’ve finished.

This is going to be a bit of a challenge…

Finally I did a bit of cleaning and ironing, and I feel like I’ve had a full but relaxing day.

How do you spend your grey November days?

Until next time, Tawney x

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