Bulk cooking pays off

Hello Friends,

I’ve been reading on quite a few blogs recently about bulk cooking – I have had trouble getting myself organised, but I am slowly getting better.

The weekend before last, I had a bit of a session.  We had an abundance of butternut squash from 3 veg boxes on the trot.  I had a look through my recipes and found a couple to use it up – a vegetable curry and a moroccan chicken one pot stew.   I cooked enough for two curry meals and three chicken stews and put these in the freezer.

Yesterday I just pulled a box of chicken stew out of the freezer, de-frosted it and then re-heated it and ate it with cous cous – easy!

Moroccan chicken stew & quorn chicken stew on the right

As you know, Bee has been a vegetarian for almost 8 years.  We usually all eat vegetarian as I don’t want to cook separate meals for everyone, but once or twice a week we do eat meat.  The other meal is a quorn chicken stew.

What meals do you bulk cook?

Until next time, Tawney x


Bulk cooking pays off — 2 Comments

  1. I use the Slow Cooker and cook enough for 4-6, eat one, put one in the fridge for the next evening and freeze the rest in single portions. Beef & Guiness Stew (make & cook dumplings on the night); Moroccan Tagine; Lemon Chicken Casserole; Lamb /Chicken / Pork / Beef Curries; Chilli (the recipe is different every time!).
    I also refer often to this site: http://easypeasymeals.com/ and recommend “Get some Pork on your Fork” Mmmmmmmmm!
    And for a sweet – the “Amazin; Chocolate Pudding” with cream. Drool . .