Waste not, want not

Hello Friends,

We’ve had a change to our waste collection in the last few weeks.  Because of where we live, on a single track road on a steep hill, the normal refuse collection vehicles can’t reach us and we have to have a little pick up truck to collect our bags.  For the last few years people on the flat have had wheeled bins to collect refuse and garden waste and they’ve had paper and plastics collected, whereas we’ve been kept on a black sack collection with no recycling.

Things all changed last month – we had a delivery of 2 big blue bags for plastics and paper, a blue box for glass, tins and tetrapacks, a big green caddy for food waste, and a little caddy to keep the food waste in the kitchen.  We get our food waste collected every week, and then the recycling and residual black sack waste are collected on alternate weeks.

It all sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite easy.  We’ve found that we are throwing out very little rubbish – we only had one black sack for the first two weeks, everything else went in the recycling.  We’ve been surprised at how much paper and cardboard we’ve been putting out, the bag has been full every time.

What has been really interesting is how seeing the food waste separated out has made us cut down dramatically on food waste without even thinking about it.  I’ve started buying less and only cooking exactly what we need.  Leftovers are being kept for the next day – I just dont’ like throwing food away.

The mini food waste caddy

Do you have your recycling collected?  Has it made you change your habits?

Until next time, Tawney x


Waste not, want not — 2 Comments

  1. Re-cycling differs from county to county and since moving house, it feels criminal to put items I previously recycled into the black bag. Food waste isn’t collected either and I hate having to throw vegetable peelings away.:(
    At my last house I had a wormery – several neighbours contributed food for the worms and there was a general interest in them and how they were doing. They provided me with lovely black compost and liquid plant food! I can’t decide whether or not to have another one, but worry about how the worms would cope with the colder winters we are having.
    Ho hum . . .

  2. I am loving the new recycling collections although whilst our house is rather topsy turvy we aren’t doing as well as we should be. But I am also surprised at how little black bag waste we now have.