The Absolute No List

Hello Friends,

I had a quiet afternoon on my own today – everyone else was out, and I picked up a book to read.  I realised how very little I read now – although I borrow books from the library, they are returned unread more often than not if they are fiction.

Back to my reading – I dipped into a book I bought quite a while ago, but had not got round to reading.  It’s called ‘The Art of Extreme Self Care’ by Cheryl Richardson, and on skimming the contents, a chapter entitled ‘The Absolute No List’ caught my eye.  Basically, this involves simplifying your life by making a list of things you will no longer do, dropping the things or people that drain your energy.

I’m always looking for ways to simplify my overcomplicated life, so I’ve started a list.  There are three things on it so far:

  • No more working after 5pm
  • I won’t buy or bring into my home anything unless I love it – I’ve done too much shopping through boredom in the past
  • I will no longer push myself when I am tired, even if others want me to do things for them.

Just these three things for starters will help to preserve my sanity and my finances.  No doubt others will spring to mind over the next few weeks.

What would you have on your absolute no list?

Until next time, Tawney x


The Absolute No List — 1 Comment

  1. As I tend to impulse-buy, I would try to buy only what I need, or is useful or would enhance my surroundings. (I guess that would still give me scope for impulse-buying, though, wouldn’t it?)
    I would stop being so ‘available’ when I’m expected to provide transport, unless there was an urgency.
    When I do want to make a purchase, I will search online for a bargain instead of paying top price immediately.