Trying to save on the heating

Hello Friends,

We’re going to have to do something about our fuel bills which, like everyone else’s are going up and up.  We’ve got to look at our usage, because our consumption has been creeping up.

We have thermostatic raidator valves on all our radiators and I’ve turned them off in the rooms  we don’t use, and down as far as we possibly can everywhere else.  I think one of the culprits in energy use is Bee and her freqeunt and long showers, so this is going to have to be tackled.

I’ve been going round today putting newspaper in the gaps in windows to keep draughts out.  One thing I’m not sure about is whether it’s cheaper to leave the heating on all the time but on a low heat, or whether to have it coming on and off, say for an hour and half in the morning, and then for a couple of hours in the evening.  I’m also beginning to wonder whether we should just use small fan heaters in each room as and when we need them rather than central heating.

How do you manage your central heating?  What have you found to be the cheapest way of programming it?  Or have you abandoned it altogether?

Until next time, Tawney x


Trying to save on the heating — 4 Comments

  1. I tried lowering our heating and leaving it on all day….unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be cheaper as the ‘experts’ lead us to believe so now I have it on for 1 hour in the mornig when we get up and 3 hours at night on 19C and this suits us better

  2. I have turned my boiler setting down to “2”; the settings go from 1 – 8. I only have the radiators on a low setting when I am out of the house or working but have the one in the sitting room on the highest setting in the evening. In really cold weather I do light the fire in the sitting room. (No radiators in the bedroom – too stuffy). I find an old travelling rug and lots of layers keep me going. The cheering news is that I am to pay the same rate for my dual power bill for the next 12 months as the previous 12 months! Must be doing something right, but my house is much, much smaller than yoursxxx

  3. Get yourself a coal fire – or better still a log burning stove!

    We use our coal fire (which we are soon to change to a multi fuel stove) most days during the winter. The central heating comes on for a short time first thing in the morning and just before the children go to bed but the rest of the time the house is unheated – just the coal fire in the lounge.

    It also means that we all congregate in there, rather than the girls going to their own rooms.

    The bedrooms are cold but we all have electric blankets so that doesn’t seem to matter.

    • I think I am going to have to re-educate my family about how we heat the house. Last year our winter quarter bill was £650 – we can’t do that again.