Where I live

Hello Friends,

I’ve got a busy few days at work coming up so rather than a longer post, I thought I would just share some pictures of near where I live in Derbyshire.  I really enjoy walking – it keeps me fit and doesn’t cost anything.  On Sunday we found a new route – despite the fact we have been living here for nearly 20 years.

I love living in the country – we are so incredibly lucky.  We ended up moving here after OH was made redundant from a job in the south and we had to move north.  Funny how things sometimes work out.

Did you manage to do something fun without spending money last weekend?

Until next time, Tawney x


Where I live — 4 Comments

  1. Not quite without spending money, because I had to drive a few miles there – but I had a wonderful walk along a beach, then along the coastal path and back via lanes to where I’d left the car. I had packed a flask of coffee plus some French stick, chicken and salad, so tea was free.
    It was a bracing walk in sunshine and strong wind and extremely enjoyable.

  2. Hello Tawney,

    Love the photos. It reminds me of a state here in Aus (Tasmania) very similar and it confirms to me that working towards getting back to the land is the correct option for me and DH. I was having a pretty bad day and then I looked at the fields and the horses and sighed. I could feel the wind on my face and the smell of horse &** – nothing like the country.