The Christmas present pact

Hello Friends,

Christmas is going to be slightly different this year.  Edie will be home for 12 days, arriving back from Russia on 22nd December and then flying to Canada for the French part of her year abroad on 4th January.  The washing machine will be going non stop for the quick turn round.

We decided not to get together with the relatives in the south – reading between the lines, I think Edie is tired after 4 months abroad and just wants to flop, so Christmas will be a simple affair.  We have agreed with our respective brothers and sisters that now the last of our children is approaching 18, it’s time to call a halt to present giving for them at Christmas and birthdays.  We still buy for our parents though.

As for the girls, I will be buying them some stocking fillers tomorrow and then they can choose one thing that they would like up to a certain amount.  Bee has asked for a jacket to go skiiing.  Edie has asked for some underwear.  I accidentally left her underwear on the washing line the day she left for Russia – oops.

OH and I tend not to give each other anything on Christmas day.  Our birthdays are close to Christmas, so if there is anything we need we save for it and that will be our present to each other, even if it’s a few weeks before or after Christmas.

Do you have Christmas present pacts with any of your family?  How does it work out?

Until next time, Tawney x


The Christmas present pact — 2 Comments

  1. Every year hubby and I say that we will just buy a token gift for each other – if we want something during the year then we save up for it at the time.

    And every year I stick to it and just buy him a token gift. And every year he doesn’t! Last year I bought him a toblerone (his favourite) and a little hamper full of his favourite sweets. And a pair of socks with his name on. He bought me – perfume, chocolates and a Kindle!!!!! How bad did I feel.

    So this year we have made the same pact but I am ready for him. I have bought him a toblerone, a Kindle Fire (shh – don’t tell him), a case for the Kindle Fire and some sweets.

    You watch, this year I will get a toblerone and a pair of socks!!!!

  2. I have a pact with my friend (the best thing my daughter ever did was to marry her husband as I gained quite the bestest friend) my son-in-law’s mother. We are going to give each other exactly the same thing – M & S vouchers. This means we can go and shop at any time for ourselves and cut out the middle man. You understand we are not actually going to send them or buy them – they are “imaginary”! We will then tell one another what we have bought! Simplexx