Christmas shopping

Hello Friends,

Last year I made a lot of edible Christmas presents.  This year, things haven’t quite worked out in the same way, so yesterday I headed out to do a bit of Christmas shopping for the closest relatives.

I was very strict with myself – I made a list on the train journey of what I was going to buy and for whom.  I knew which shops I was going to visit.  I had already set a budget and taken the cash out of the bank.

In the past, because I don’t enjoy shopping, I’ve given myself a very short time in the city before catching the train home and then rushing about doing a load of other stuff.  I end up not getting everything I need and then collapsing in a tired and irritable heap at the end of the day, knowing I’ve got to go back again.

Yesterday I decided that this was going to be my one day Christmas shopping and that was going to be it.  I took my time, I strolled rather than raced about, and I found that I could be more flexible – if I couldn’t find the exact thing I wanted, I substituted something else.

Using cash makes a big difference.  I definitely spent less – I think that by using cards it doesn’t feel like you are spending money.  I could see the money leaving my purse and I thought much more carefully about each present.

So now I’m done, and I’ve kept within budget.  I know I won’t have a credit card bill hanging over me in January, and that’s a big relief (yes, I’ve been there before and won’t be going back).

How is your Christmas shopping going?  Or have you been able to make your gifts this year?

Until next time, Tawney x


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  1. I usually make lots of my own gifts but this year haven’t been able too (lack of fruit on the trees and lack of a kitchen have rather hampered things).

    But I feel very righteous knowing that my very last present has been ordered this afternoon – an owl box for a friend.

    Most of my shopping has been done using cash although some has been done on the internet.

    Just the dreaded job of wrapping now………