Tackling that heating bill

Hello Friends,

As you know, we’ve been battling over the last couple of years with huge gas bills.  This has not been helped by teenage daughters who believe a shower has to last 40 minutes, but that’s another story.

OH works from home, and this has been one of the reasons our bills have gone up.  I have managed to persuade him that we don’t need to heat the whole house, just his office during the day, so this is what we bought last weekend.

I have re-set the heating from being on from 6 am to 8.30 pm to two bursts from 6 am to 8 am, and then 4 pm to 8.30 pm, so saving 8 hours worth of gas.  We’ve got a little meter thing we’ve plugged into the wall to monitor how much use the little oil filled radiator is using, but I’m really hoping this will be one of the answers to our heating problems.

Have you used oil filled radiators?  What has your experinece of them been?

Until next time, Tawney x


Tackling that heating bill — 5 Comments

  1. I bought one last winter and now own two! With a good oil-filled elactric heater you can move it round to heat the room you’re in… I’m warmer than I ever was using gas central heating and being terrified of turning up the thermostat to a comfortable heat. My gas and electricity bills went down and the company had to repay me nearly £150!!
    Also, Google ‘window quilts’ – these have made a huge difference to my flat…

    • It’s good to know these heaters work – I think I’m going to get a second one for the kitchen next month.

      I’ve never heard of window quilts, but I’ve just been having a look on google – I think they would really work for us. Many thanks for the tips.

      Tawney x

  2. R uses one when he works at home at least one day a week, i now work from home one day and K has one in London they appear to be cost effective and keep you warm. With more people working at home and bills going up they appear to offer a good one room heating solution. We also keep the door to that room closed over night curtains closed over night and door shut during the day to keep it as warm as possible. If it is very cold R will wear outdoor style double thickness trousers and a super thick shirt on w f h days.

  3. I haven’t, but I will be very interested in the results. I have often thought that I could perhaps use one just to heat the room I am in. Also, in the future when I have the woodburning stove I desire, it would be great to have one for the bedroom if they turn out to be economical. I have heard good things.